Build your single-family-rental portfolio with DoorFeed

Residential real estate portfolios at scale for institutional investors, powered by artificial intelligence and property experts

We aggregate residential properties into attractively priced, well-located, income generating portfolios at scale. This allows investors to deploy capital and generate stabilised income at speed.

Stable capital preservation

We unlock access to the Single-Family Rental market

Traditional methods of capital deployment in the residential sector are expensive, exposed to risk and can take a number of years to generate income. We allow investors to access the largely ignored Single Family Rental market, and deploy capital with speed, scale and precision across Europe.

Our clients

Who is DoorFeed for?

Family offices

Investment professionals looking for alternative investment solutions for their clients.

Institutional investors

Institutional investment firms looking to deploy capital at scale.

What makes DoorFeed unique?


Our tech evaluates thousands of property listings in real time, enabling us to detect the best deals before anyone else in the market.


We have the operational infrastructure to build multiple industry leading, high performance portfolios in the residential market.


Expert industry knowledge, and a powerful network of partners, means we only engage with properties we would be happy to own ourselves.

Accelerate your investment strategy

We deploy capital with speed

We screen >€1bn worth of properties every month leveraging our proprietary technology to identify the best investment opportunities across 50 cities. We detect the best property deals within seconds, allowing us to beat all market participants with speed.


Sources sites checked in real time


Properties analysed every day

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Premium residential income opportunities

We build portfolios at scale

We mix the use of cutting edge technologies together with a robust dedicated team of surveyors and operators on the ground operating across 50 cities, allowing us to buy and transform tens of properties every day and manage large property portfolios.


Combined asset value screened every month


Team members across 50 cities


Cutting edge property pipeline

We underwrite deals with precision

Our proprietary algorithms and analytics platform create an unprecedented level of accuracy with Sales and Rental value projections. This market edge allows us to take the right underwriting decisions faster than anybody and acquire the best performing assets.


Sales and rental listings analysed every month


Images of property interior analysed to date

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End-to-end investment management

Deal sourcing & underwriting

Our technology screens thousands of new properties listed and detects high yield and sub-valued investment opportunities.

Asset transformation

We define with you the quality standards expected across your portfolio and project manage the transformation and renovation of the properties to attract quality tenants.

Property & asset management

We source and manage the tenants in-house with top level of efficiency to ensure high occupancy across your portfolio. We report performance of your portfolio in real time through the platform.

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